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Soybean meal Price Updates

Soybean meal Indicative prices (Breakbulk Shipments)
23 feb 08
US$ 418-422
Soybean meal has again started getting more n more dearer.

18 feb 08
Soybean meal 48% - US$ 416-420 PMT FOB

Prices improved slightly with feed prices all over the world showing increasing trend. In fact, the increase in feed prices is more than that of rice and wheat.

13 feb 08

the remains remain unchanged after after a little increase came back to US$ 412-416

5 feb 08
Soybean meal 48% - US$ 412-416 PMT FOB India

30 Jan 08
Soybean meal 48% - US$ 409-412 PMT FOB India

Control of bird flu is pushing the sbm prices again on the higher side.

23 Jan 08
Soybean meal 48% - US$ 388-392 PMT FOB India

Fear of spreading bird flu is hitting the sbm prices hard.

05 Jan 08
Soybean meal 48% - US$ 417-421 PMT FOB India

01 Jan 08
Soybean meal 48% - US$ 408-413 PMT FOB India

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